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£10,000 compensation for man knocked down by reversing vehicle

Phil Conway had just bought his morning newspaper. He was standing beside his car in the road about to get in when another car reversed into him, knocking him to the ground. He suffered serious injuries to his arms and hands, hips and shoulders. He took his claim for accident injury compensation to Rapid Solicitors. A Solicitor at Rapid said: “The defendants denied liability so we had to work doubly hard to win this one without going to court. The present system of case progression is designed to bring all parties together to actually avoid the costly and sometimes stressful business of court appearances.” He continued: “We gathered witness evidence and the police reports, together with our medical expert’s injury assessments and engaged a barrister. We finally managed to persuade the Defendants to admit liability and agree to a settlement, which Mr Conway said he was very pleased with. Our client was going through a very stressful time with personal family matters, so we were anxious to get the case won and settled to his satisfaction so he could draw a line under this. The amount of compensation reflected a substantial amount of money for our client’s loss of earnings and other expenses incurred after the accident.”
Mr Conway said “I was very grateful for everything that Rapid did for me.”

The above account relates to a recent, genuine client of Rapid Solicitors. Only names and places have been changed to maintain client confidentiality. All other information, such as injuries, accident circumstances and compensation amounts are accurate.

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