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3,000 for triathlete's car shunt

Andy Morgan suffered a whiplash injury when a car ploughed into the back of his vehicle, as he waited at a junction. The force of the impact left him with a painful neck, shoulders and upper back for several months, which impacted on his ability to train for triathlon events. He said: “the other driver was of course very apologetic but then made some excuse up about having to be somewhere urgently and so couldn't stop. I had no choice but to let her go. I took her reg number and Rapid tracked her down using that and confirmed her contact details. The injury didn't hurt at first, it was after a few days and then things got worse. I couldn't swim for ages, which was the most upsetting as I was in training for a triathlon. Bizarrely, I was inundated with calls from all sorts of places trying to represent my claim. Despite all that I picked my own representative, Rapid Solicitors."
A source at Rapid said, "People have a legal right to choose any Solicitor they want despite what they are often told. The government are stamping out this shady cold calling and giving misinformation out and we welcome that. Its often so confusing for injured clients. People must be informed that they have a right to choose the best representation they can, even if their insurers insist they have to use a firm they recommend. The government recently exposed a number of insurers for encouraging claims and receiving a fee for selling a client's details to a law firm with which they have a referral arrangement. Within
the last few weeks, we've even had a client being asked by the guilty party's insurers if he wanted to sue their own client for any injury caused. They said they could help him do that and were quite persistent. We find that totally unacceptable and a huge conflict of interest. We intend to report the insurer to its governing body.”

The above account relates to a recent, genuine client of Rapid Solicitors. Only names and places have been changed to maintain client confidentiality. All other information, such as injuries, accident circumstances and compensation amounts are accurate.

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