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450,000 payout for road accident victim

Richard James was crossing a road with friends when he was struck at 50mph, by a speeding motorist who had run a red light.
He was carried on the bonnet of the car for 75 feet before the driver stopped and he was thrown to the ground. His three friends narrowly escaped serious injury, but Richard was left with a fractured skull, a bleed on the brain, a broken leg, and injuries to his neck, back and elbow. He was hospitalised for 12 days. Personal Injury Law Firm Rapid Solicitors took up his fight for compensation.
A Solicitor at Rapid Solicitors said: “This was a long and challenging case. We won substantial damages for Richard’s injuries, which reflected the fact that he will be affected physically and psychologically for the rest of his life. The compensation also reflected our client’s reduced earning potential. Because of his injuries, which affected his memory, movement and co-ordination, he lost his job at a fast food outlet while studying at University. He has had to have a personal mentor throughout his course, ongoing neurological treatment and rehabilitation since the accident. He was a young man with the probability of a more successful future, damaged by the actions of a dangerous and reckless   motorist. The settlement will go some way towards protecting his future”
His mother said: “His future is still very uncertain. He has trouble with everyday tasks such as remembering to shower or change his clothes and often loses things such as phones or forgets to take his money with him when he goes out. He’ll never be allowed to have a driver’s licence. We’re really grateful for winning this for Richard, because it’ll make a huge difference to his safety and security.”

The above account relates to a recent, genuine client of Rapid Solicitors. Only names and places have been changed to maintain client confidentiality. All other information, such as injuries, accident circumstances and compensation amounts are accurate.

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