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£717,653 for brain injury boy

Rapid Solicitors has secured nearly three quarters of a million pounds for a child who suffered permanent brain damage as an infant.

Child X was just 4 months old when he was attacked by his biological father, who injured him so badly that he was left permanently disabled. He was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of 4 years, a condition which means he can’t properly process thoughts, language and movement. He has since been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. Now 20 years old, he can’t cope with anything other than a very basic job due to an inability to control his emotions, his poor memory and many other issues related to his injury. He needs lifelong care and supervision. The mother of Child X, who instructed Rapid Solicitors said: “We adopted him when he was just two years old. We’d been told he’d suffered a slight head injury but that was not the case. He didn’t behave like an ordinary child and fell and injured himself a lot. We asked a health visitor for advice and she actually reported us to Social Services for child abuse. That was awful.” Child X’s mother contacted several solicitors, who all refused to take on a claim for compensation as they didn’t think they could be successful and so would not be paid. She refused to give up and eventually called Rapid Solicitors, now one of the UK’s top personal injury law firms, who decided to progress the case. Andrew Good, Partner at Rapid Solicitors said, “There’s still a lot of people who think all Solicitors are the same. This is just not true and this case clearly demonstrates that fact. Not only do firms differ in their level of expertise, they differ in their ability to fund a client’s case, particularly if it’s complex and expected to run for many years. With this particular case it was always going to be a very long process, taking years of investment and hard work from us. If the claim was unsuccessful, we would not have been paid for all that effort and money. That alone can put some firms off running cases where they won’t get paid if the case is lost. Further to this, we had to be confident we had the ability to understand the technical, psychological and sensitive issues surrounding such a complex case. Our hearts went out to the family. Their child suffered appalling abuse from his biological father when just a few months old, which condemned him to a severely diminished quality of life and a lifelong need for care and supervision. His adoptive parents suffered immensely due to the constant strain. This was a long, involved case and we’re really pleased to have proved the issues and gained substantial compensation for them. Going through us gained them a far bigger settlement because we were able to commission pensions & loss reports to demonstrate future loss of earnings. The difference this has made to the whole family is profound. It was a matter of proving the assault on the child, establishing that the assault caused the injuries to his brain and that those injuries manifested in our client’s physical and psychological problems. I’m really proud of my team for the way they conducted themselves throughout this case. It was all the more pleasing because we took the case on after three other firms of Solicitors turned it down.” Child X’s mother said, “I can’t tell you what this means for us and our son. He can have all the care and equipment he needs, now. For us, as his parents, my husband and I can spend more time together and at last have some respite, knowing that our son can be left without us and be safely looked after. Thanks to Rapid, we don’t have to worry so much about his future, should anything happen to us.”

The above account relates to a recent, genuine client of Rapid Solicitors. Only names and places have been changed to maintain client confidentiality. All other information, such as injuries, accident circumstances and compensation amounts are accurate.

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