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“We are one of the UK’s largest Personal Injury Law Firms and we serve the whole of England & Wales.  We do all the legal work ourselves, keeping you safe from any hassle.  Our size means we have experts in most accident circumstances and understand complex injury mechanics as well as psychological issues.  This expertise not only helps prepare your case for liability issues, it helps us negotiate maximum compensation, because remember, compensation levels are not fixed and the amount of compensation you receive could be determined by the expertise of your representative and the skill of the person negotiating on your behalf. 
We can also help with physical and psychological recovery from your injury. We specialise in fighting for compensation for victims of accident injury and medical negligence.  We have successfully helped thousands of injured people claim millions of pounds to help compensate for any injuries and to provide financial help to aid recovery.  We help victims of both minor injuries and those with the most severe.

We have industry experts in disability aids and adaptations and even a small disability aids showroom at one of our offices.  We truly are experts in our chosen field and this can make all the difference to your claim.”
“Despite all the changes to our industry and the confusion that now faces anyone seeking representation in a personal injury claim, we have stuck to our mission to provide first rate legal services and swift access to justice.  We do not buy cases from the multitude of claims management companies that have sprung up with the intention of profiting from selling personal details. We do not buy leads from insurance companies and nor are we a franchise, bound by corporate restrictions.  We generate our own work, the majority of which comes from personal recommendations.  In fact, a recent survey of our clients, something we have to conduct to maintain our ISO 9001 quality service award, provided further reassurance to our staff that we are doing a great job in keeping our clients satisfied.  Over 98% said they would recommend us to others!”

A Quality Assured ISO 9001 Registered Firm. Regulated by The Law Society (Reg. No. 00512434). We do not accept service of proceedings by e-mail.
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